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Family Legal Plan

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Family Legal Plan*
The Problem:

  • 7 in 10 US households had a legal problem last year.
  • Cost to hire an attorney can be expensive.

The Solution:

  • Access to a nationwide network of attorneys.
  • High-quality attorneys assist with any legal issue.
  • Free and pre-negotiated discounted services.

Free Legal Services:

  • Free preparation of a simple will with annual updates.
  • Unlimited phone or office consultations.
  • Letters or phone calls on the members behalf for each new legal matter.
  • Contract & document review(6 pages per legal matter).
  • Assistance in solving problems with government programs, ie; INS and welfare.
  • Plan attorneys will help members represent themselves in small claims court.
  • Assistance in completing a Living Will.

Deeply Discounted Legal Services:

Legal Service Member Non
Traffic Ticket Defense $89 $199 55%
Name Change $155 $365 58%
Simple Will w/Minors Trust $250 $530 53%
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $750 $1,500 50%
Non-Support (Spouse/Child) $275 $1,490 82%
Simple Divorce $275 $1,100 75%
Regular Incorporation $295 $585 50%
Personal Real Estate Closing $250 $675 63%

Court costs & filing fees additional.

All Other Legal Services:

  • $125 per hour or 40% discount.
  • 10% discount on contingency fees

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* Family Legal Plan – Administered by Legal Club of America (LCoA). The description herein is a summary only. Please refer to Terms & Conditions for complete details. Non-member fees based on national averages provided by LCoA.

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