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AmeriPlan Health & Dental Plans

Ameriplan Deluxe Plus

combines our popular dental and med plus programs.

Dental Plus for individuals and families living in the USA.  AmeriPlan members save on the most utilized dental procedures. The most common dental procedures that  people need is routine teeth cleaning, root canals, crowns,fillings and braces. As an Ameriplan® member you will save from 20-80% on a variety of dental procedures. There is no limit on dental services.

Included with Dental Plus is Vision, Prescription, Chiropractic and Hearing discounts.

Med Plus is quickly becoming the health care choice of Americans all across the country. With 21st century technology, you no longer have to drive and wait in a Doctor’s office or hospital emergency for non-emergency issues. Just pick up the phone and we will have a qualified MD  to assist you. What’s included in Med Plus?

  • 24/7 365 days a year Telemedicine
  • Hospital Advocacy
  • Ancillary Services
  • Prescription Drug Care

So the AmeriPlan Combo Pack is  by far our most  popular and comprehensive plan. Learn more about  Dental Plus and Med Plus and get started saving today.

AmeriPlan Dental® Plus

$19.95 per  MONTH for individuals or  entire household.

Over 30,000 Dentists accept the plan. Because we are not insurance there are:

No Waiting Periods  ~ No Limits on Services
Instant Savings~ Ongoing Dental Problems Are Accepted
No Age Limits ~ Orthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry Available

If you have children or grandchildren, you definitely need to check out the dental program. Braces in this country is almost equal to tuition for a semester at a public college. The savings on braces can be as great as 66%. At a cost from $4500 to $7600, the savings alone will more than pay for the cost of your Ameriplan® membership. For a low cost of $25.00 a month , the plan includes everyone in the household. That includes the in-laws, the kids that have returned home because of the lost of a job, as well as those who may have graduated but cannot find that first job.

Dentists in the network appreciate the fact that their is no insurance paper work and no waiting for payment of their services. Your just pay the discounted rate at the time of service, unless other arrangements are made. There is no waiting period with Ameriplan®. Once you sign-up your membership is effective immediately and can be used as soon as you can secure an appointment with one of our provider.

While some employer’s today still provide dental insurance, those with dental insurance are usually limited to $1000 – $1500 in dental expenditure. One of the biggest selling points of Ameriplan Dental® is that you are never out of network unless you reside in the four states that that Ameriplan® does not have a presence in. The amount of your discount will change as you move from one fee zone to another, but you will always have access to dental care. If you spend winter in Florida and the summer in New York, you will have access to Dentists that participate in Ameriplan®wherever you are.

Dental Testimonials
Allan G. – Evansville, Indiana
I had 4 porcelain crowns, 3 fillings , a wisdom teeth extraction and teeth cleaning. This process would have normally cost $5600, but with Ameriplan® I only paid $2600 resulting in a $3000 savings.

Michelle S. Port Jefferson Station
Wow! What can I say, I needed a root canal that was presented to me at 1100.00! Well, I just pulled out my Ameriplan® card and walla! Only Paid 200.00! Another procedure would have cost 325.00 and I only paid 110.00!!! WOW! Ameriplan® Dental Beats any Insurance hands down. Thank you Ameriplan®!

Learn more about Dental Plus.

AmeriPlan Tele Med Plus

Only $24.95 per month for your entire household

AmeriPlan Med Plus includes a robust medical discount program.

    • Access to a Physician, when you need it most
    • Around the Clock Physician Access, for the entire family
    • Convenient Quality Care, is only a click or a call away

It’s like having a doctor in the family.

  • Call or email a physician 24 7, without long waits at the doctor’s office
  • Obtain information, recommendations, and prescription medication, when appropriate
  • Store and share your medical history and personal health records
  • No enrollment periods, insurance forms, or denials based on preexisting conditions

Ancillary Services:

  • Physical therapy.
  • Laboratory procedures.
  • Imaging centers.
  • Hearing services.
  • Mental health services.
  • Diabetic supplies.

Hospital Advocacy:

If you should ever have to go to the hospital with anticipated charges over $2500.00 our hospital advocacy team will partner with you to make sure that the charges are fair and reasonable. Without Health Insurance in America no one is there looking out for your interest , but the bills continue to roll in from various doctors and labs. Ameriplan® members send all the bills to the hospital advocacy team so they can focus on their health and not worry about how they are going to pay for them. This satisfaction is priceless.

Also included is Prescription Drugs. Learn more about Med Plus.

Healthcare Testimonials
Sandy B -Portland Or
On two occasions I was hospitalized and the hospital advocacy team was able to negotiate a 83% savings.  I saved thousands. Thanks Ameriplan®.

Bill S – Edmonds Wa
When I left my job at the US Postal Service, the Health and Dental HMO I was a subscribed to wanted $700.00 per month for our family to continue using our HMO benefits. We decided to save the money and became members of AmeriPlan Health®. I took my son to the Medical Doctor for an initial office visit. He had five lab tests and a followup appointment with the Doctor. Because we had AmeriPlan Health® we saved over $370. Then in Dec 2007 my 20 yr old daughter was admitted to the hospital on an emergency urgent care visit. Her overnight hospital stay was $7466.45. With the AmeriPlan® Hospital Advocacy Program she saved over $7,000.00 on her hospital bill. Thanks AmeriPlan® you made it a great day!

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